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Mortgage delinquencies drop notably in May


Foreclosure levels dropped again in May.

The mortgage market may be seeing a boost in health, as delinquencies continued to become less frequent during May.

Mortgage rates temporarily slip as July begins


Mortgage rate averages dropped during early July.

Mortgage rates rose markedly in the past several weeks, but this took a slight turn during the start of July, as the figures began to level out.

Mortgage applications continue fall in late June


Mortgage rates dropped during late June.

Mortgage application volume continued to react to rising rates in recent weeks, as the figures again trended down as June came to a close.

Home prices rise notably during May


Home prices rose notably in May.

With more consumers purchasing homes this year, there also has been a notable rise in the prices of these properties.

Construction spending rises in May


Home construction spending rose in May.

The housing market experienced a jump in residential construction spending, as the figure performed well as the year approached its halfway point.

Mortgage rates rise notably as June closes


Home loan rate averages climbed toward the end of June.

The mortgage market experienced many strong signs of improvement in recent weeks and months, and one of these was a continued rise in mortgage rate averages.

Mortgage applications drop again in June


Home loan application volume recently declined.

The residential housing market recently experienced another decline in home loan application volume during June.

Residential sales show improvement in May


Home sales levels continued to improve earlier this year.

Home sales levels continued to rise during the first few months of the year, and the figures showed further positivity in May.

Construction spending continues positive trend<span class="editing-mark" style="background:#fe7f7f;padding:0.1em 0;" title="This is meant to be deleted.">s</span> in May


Residential construction spending rose in May.

Further residential construction spending may help the residential market deal with shrinking inventory levels, as the former continued to improve earlier this year.

Housing starts continue climb in May


Housing starts rose recently.

The residential housing inventory may be helped by a continued rise in the level of housing starts last month.


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