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Foreclosures experience uptick in May


Foreclosure levels rose slightly in May.

There was a slight gain in the overall foreclosure level during May, though it still fell notably from the same month in 2012.

Consumer confidence in housing sector ramps up in April


Consumers are feeling better about the residential housing situation.

As the housing market recovery continues to make further progress early this year, many consumers are feeling better about the improving situation, particularly the steady growth in property prices throughout the nation.

Hike in home prices recorded yet again in March


Home prices continued to make gains in March.

Housing conditions continued to get better in March, as the pricing situation across the U.S. made further progress in March compared to both the previous month and the same point in 2012.

Recovery in housing segment continues to bolster in May


Housing conditions remained strong in May.

There was a slight slip in the number of continually improving housing markets in May, but the overall figure still was considerably healthy compared to past months, a new report details.

May begins with drop in mortgage rates


Mortgage rates fell during early May.

While some experts maintain the housing market can't get any more affordable for prospective borrowers, it happened again to start May, as home loan rates once again declined.

Five credit report dos and don'ts when purchasing a home


Overspending on credit cards can hurt a person's score.

Consumers who are considering purchasing a home may want to get their financial situation in order before looking for a mortgage.

Mid-spring continues to see mortgage rates slide


Mortgage rates continued to drop in mid-April, which could affect home sales.

The residential housing market's affordability level may be reaching a high level, as mortgage rate averages continue to trend down.

New-home sales improve in March


Home sales improved in March.

The rate of new-home sales continued to pick up steam in March, while prices also showed positive signs during the month.

Existing-home sales slide as Q1 ends


Housing conditions were mixed in March.

Sales of existing residential properties fell in March from levels seen a month earlier, though the end-of-first-quarter total still outmatched the final figure recorded the year before, indicating the market has improved by leaps and bounds since that time.

Mortgage rate averages dip in mid-April


Mortgage rates remained low in the second half of April.

The residential housing market continued to experience a heightened level of affordability during April, as average mortgage interest rates fell lower.


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