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LoanSafe® Collateral Manager is the next generation in our evolutionary chain of proven collateral risk management products, combining our extensive data with years of experience in econometric modeling to deliver a more powerful collateral risk management tool.

The proprietary collateral risk assessment engine evaluates numerous elements to deliver a clear risk picture, including multiple relationships and comparisons between property characteristics, pricing and appraisal attributes, geographic enhancers or detractors, market volatility, levels of distress in the neighborhood, and other key collateral metrics. This best-in-breed risk management and review product reduces uncertainty, fights exposure to delinquency and over-valuation risk and increases organizational efficiency in applications that include:

  • Predicting collateral risk
  • Validating appraised values
  • Identifying loans for further collateral review
  • Stratifying portfolios for collateral-related risk
  • Identifying most appropriate valuation tools or services

Granular Scoring and Alerts

LoanSafe® Collateral Manager uses an easy-to-understand, one-to-999 scoring system, with one representing the lowest risk and 999 indicating highest risk. In addition, the straightforward interface includes colorful visual cues that help users make quick judgments about each property.

Granular scoring allows greater flexibility in setting risk thresholds and increases transparency into risk groups. The scoring system identifies property groups with lower risk scores, offering the opportunity to employ economical valuation tools and less rigorous review processes. The need for scrutiny increases as the risk score rises. The higher the risk score, the more stringent the review process should be, which may include tighter tolerance AVMs or more involved valuation and review processes. Riskier properties also generate alerts for problem areas, including follow-up suggestions, for rapid, confident decisioning.

Collateral Is Key

With the economic recovery uncertain and home values fluctuating, it’s important for lenders, servicers and investors to be vigilant of property valuations relative to local market performance. LoanSafe® Collateral Manager  can help distinguish between a rebounding local market and an overvalued property, genuine and poor-quality valuations, and volatile and stable micro-markets, helping to prevent costly losses. LoanSafe® Collateral Manager  offers a unique ability to zero in on collateral risk. No other tool on the market provides the single-minded focus on property-related risk, backed by the quality of data, model effectiveness and in-depth reporting we provide. In a time of transition, a firm grasp on property risk is key to understanding and managing the complete risk picture.

Next-Generation Collateral Risk Management

LoanSafe® Collateral Manager marks a significant leap forward in our risk management approach. Rather than modify our old system, we rebuilt it. The ground-up reconstruction improved our platform by enabling alerts that are more specific and scoring, adding new data sources to increase accuracy and implementing sophisticated analytical techniques to improve intelligence. LoanSafe® Collateral Manager is the culmination of more than 20 years’ experience, allowing you to achieve greater confidence in your collateral position while streamlining your workflow.


  • Pinpoint reviews in the most volatile markets
  • Adapt quickly to changing market conditions
  • Prevent costly property overvaluations
  • Speed risk analysis
  • Separate collateral risk from all other factors
  • Identify the best valuation review tool for the specific market conditions
  • Stem foreclosure losses
  • Reduce exposure to collateral-related fraud
  • Improve confidence
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce expense
  • Variety of convenient access options including batch, XML and web-based platforms

Expanded Data Breadth and Depth

Risk mitigation solutions are only as good as the data behind them. Our solutions draw from the most current, complete and relevant data collection available. In addition to the nation’s biggest and most comprehensive property and ownership database, LoanSafe® Collateral Manager accesses the nation’s largest contributed loan-level servicing and securities databases. Our databases include:

  • Loan application database of more than 85 million loans with associated third party identifiers covering 65 percent of residential mortgage originations in the U.S.
  • Loan Performance data on more than 85 percent of the residential mortgage servicing market
  • Publicly recorded property and loan data on 99 percent of residential mortgage parcels
  • The result is an analytic engine that reaches further and encompasses more real estate data.

Detailed Reporting

The LoanSafe® Collateral Manager report allows you to drill down to the details that contribute to the risk score, including:

  • Property details: market and subject analysis, area maps
  • Subject Property Analysis: details, sales and loan history
  • Nearby Property Review: nearby sales and prices, closest property records
  • Buyers and Sellers

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