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LoanSafe® Fraud Manager uses patented predictive-analytics scoring technology and exposes suspicious mortgage loans at the application stage, enabling lenders, investors and servicers to quickly identify each loan’s fraud risk before or after funding.

Further, LoanSafe Fraud Manager allows portfolio analysis, enabling you to spot questionable loans and take proactive steps to prevent early payment defaults and buybacks.

The solution draws on the widest array of proprietary and consortium data, applying fraud risk patterns based on historical patterns of fraudulent and legitimate loans to determine the likelihood a loan may result in a fraud-driven loss. Using loan application and CoreLogic data, LoanSafe Fraud Manager enables you to detect fraud within seconds. Simply upload loan files via secure FTP and receive a near-instant fraud risk score from one to 999, including a comprehensive report on each loan detailing the risk scoring, reasoning and top fraud indicators.


  • Built on the LoanSafe market-leading property risk, undisclosed debt and multi-lien platform
  • Employs patented pattern-recognition fraud analytics
  • Utilizes a consortium of 80 million loans to understand fraud characteristics
  • Uses sophisticated third-party monitoring, alerting operations to risky behavioral changes
  • Unbeaten in comparison tests—fraud scoring returns the highest fraud value with lowest number of reviews and false positives


  • Provides effective preventive medicine against mortgage fraud and collateral risk
  • Delivers unbeaten performance when tested against other fraud detection solutions
  • Applies the analytic advancements credit card companies have used to reduce fraud losses by nearly 70 percent.
  • Drives down early payment defaults, buybacks and fraud-related losses
  • Makes learning easy through vibrant graphics, intuitive design and quick drill-down to issue details
  • Delivers easy-to-grasp scores, alerts and suggested actions

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