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Any changes in a borrower’s credit standing during the loan process can affect loan eligibility and potentially create a repurchase risk – right up to the closing date.

In order to minimize these types of situations, in June of 2010 Fannie Mae announced its Loan Quality Initiative (LQI) which includes policy and process enhancements aimed at improving the lender’s ability to deliver mortgage loans that meet Fannie Mae’s underwriting and eligibility guidelines. Requirements under these new guidelines include a re-verification of the borrower’s credit in order to ensure disclosure of any and all liabilities incurred up to or concurrent with the closing date.

Birchwood’s LQI bundle includes three services that help you quickly and easily identify any undisclosed liabilities, maintain compliance, and reduce the risk of buy-back situations. We offer this bundle at a fixed price to help you provide accurate good faith estimates:

Refresh Credit Report

This Refreshed Credit Report is a "soft" inquiry that helps you identify any recently incurred or otherwise undisclosed liabilities, but does not affect the borrower’s FICO score. You will still be able to use our optional Comparison Report to quickly and easily identify changes between the qualifying report and the refreshed report.

Refresh Report PDF


Comparison Report

Compare the original credit report against your refreshed credit report in less than 10 seconds. The comparison report highlights any discrepancies so you can quickly and easily see anything that changed since you ran the initial credit report:

  • General Information
  • Credit Score
  • Credit Score Factor
  • Tradelines
  • Public Records
  • Inquiries
  • Information Sources

Comparison Report Example PDF


Inquiry Clearance Service

Finally, Birchwood’s FCRA-certified staff is available between 8:30 AM and 7:00 PM ET, Monday-Friday and will be happy to assist you in clearing all inquiries to ensure there is no additional debt.

Other Birchwood products to assist you with Fannie Mae compliance include:

To learn more about our Credit Reporting, Verification Services, Compliance Services and Property & Valuation Services, call us any time between 8:30 AM and 8:00 PM ET. Our expert, FCRA-certified staff will be standing by to answer your questions and deliver immediate assistance and the best experience available in the industry.

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