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Save time and money by using a Soft Inquiry Pre-Qual. This “soft pull” is a fast and easy way to make sure your prospects qualify before you get too far in the process. It’s also a reliable and efficient way to help you provide accurate pricing terms and relevant loan products to prospects who do qualify.

No Credit Impact

Give your borrowers and Realtors peace of mind by reassuring them that they aren’t jeopardizing future credit opportunities. Unlike a hard pull, which typically lowers a borrower’s credit score by a few points, a Soft Inquiry Pre-qual report does not affect a prospect’s credit score, place an inquiry on their report. As a bonus, it also doesn’t activate your competitor’s trigger leads.


Save money with this inexpensive alternative to a hard pull, which will provide you with the information you need to ensure that your investment of time and effort with a prospect will not go to waste.


Receive the consumer’s full credit report and FICO score within seconds. This real-time response allows you to instantly match a prospect’s loan options at the initial point of contact, making it easier to continue moving viable prospect conversations forward to talk about your product offerings.


Get access to the exact same scoring model and tradeline data as provided by a hard pull—credit score, payment history, public records, and warning messages—so you can quickly and easily identify the most profitable prospect leads or pre-qualify borrowers.

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Save time and money for yourself and your prospects with a Soft Inquiry Pre-Qual soft pull. You’ll get the all credit data you need to instantly make profitable decisions about your borrowers.

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