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Credit Report Disputes: You can get a second chance to make a first 

Whether you are applying for credit or just being proactive, investigating potential misinformation on your credit report is an important part of responsible credit management. Leaving inaccuracies unaddressed can lower your credit score. Since incorrect data on your credit report can also be a sign of fraudulent activity, staying on top of such issues can help reduce your risk of identity theft and other crimes.

Disputing information on your credit report can be handled online via any one of the three credit bureaus. Each one has a convenient, online form that will allow you to make your inquiry and then track the progress of the investigation and resolution.

To file a dispute inquiry, just contact one of the credit bureaus listed below. (The bureau you contact will notify the other two credit bureaus.) Bear in mind that creditors have 30 (sometimes 45) days to respond to a credit bureau inquiry about data they have provided.

You can find more information and the online dispute forms at the credit bureau sites:




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